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Central Florida Area Vacation Home


Great News!
The Sunshine State Welcomes you back!
We are now accepting reservations!
On Wednesday, May 20th, 2020, The State of Florida approved Osceola County's plan to reopen and allow short term vacation home rentals.  

We want to continue to emphasize that we are focused on the
health, safety, and well-being of our guests. 
We want to insure all guests that we will be implementing
the CDC's cleaning guidelines for COVID-19. 

In addition, we will no longer be accepting back to back reservations.
There will be a period of no less than 24-30 hours between guests, so the house has ample time to be properly cleaned, sanitized, and disinfected.

There have been different safety precautions set in place as well.
For instance, there will no longer be a physical welcome binder.  We will be emailing the welcome binder electronically before your arrival. We have also removed a lot of the non essential items such as many of the artificial house plants and table top decor that was throughout the house, most of the bed skirts, all games/toys/activities, and pool rafts.  This was all a recommendation of the CDC. 

We tried to remove as many non essential items as we could to keep touched items to a minimum in order to make it easier for the cleaners to clean the house and safer for the guests to stay.  There are a few items we have kept in place to maintain as much of a 'homey' feel as possible.

Finally, there is a small bottle of hand sanitizer that will be left for our guests so they have it to use when they leave the house.

Be assured, we are doing our best to make our guests
feel comfortable and safe!