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Swimming in a Salt Water Pool

Many have the misconception that salt water pools are like swimming in ocean water. That is NOT the case. To help you understand the benefits of swimming in a salt water pool, please read below:

Benefits to a Salt Water Pool:
While saltwater pools do not use any significant chemicals, chlorine is a byproduct of the salt you add to the water, so chlorine is still present in the water. However, the levels are much lower and will not hurt or sting your eyes, and these pools are much safer for your family because there are far less damaging chemicals being added to the water. Salt is a more natural approach and is safer on our skin and hair than the harsh chlorine chemical tablets. Also, a saltwater pool will not fade or damage your swimsuit as much as a chlorinated pool.

A saltwater pool will not leave you feeling as though you just got out of the ocean, and the water will not taste salty like the ocean. Instead, this system is meant to provide you with the same benefits as a chlorine-based system pool, without the large amounts of harmful chemicals.